Summer Flying

Release on 8/14/2021

Melina Parks is looking forward to six days of sun, sand, and waves. What she doesn’t expect is a summer fling with her brother’s best friend.

A vacation to the beach is what Melina needs to escape the pressures of her daily life and the desires she feels for Connor Evans. She needs to face the fact that she and Connor will never be, but the heart wants what it wants. No other will take his place.

Connor’s feelings for his childhood friend are growing. The more he denies his desire to make Melina his, the more he wants her. How does one tell his best friend that he’s in love with his little sister? It just doesn’t happen. When his friend Alan suggests a beach vacation, Connor is all in. Maybe the little getaway is what he needs to get Melina out of his head.

Tides turn when Melina and Connor realize they have been set up. Their travel companions know their secret and are set on making them face their feelings. Will Connor risk the possible raff from his best friend to have the one woman he wants the most, or will they both walk from each other forever?