Office Seductions Boxed Set

Office Seductions
12 tantalizing and steamy workplace romances

From Fan Favorite Authors
Lia Davis, Lacey Wolfe, Syndi Burns, Ella Jade, Cara Carnes, JK Rivers, Josephine Jones, Anne Welch, Christa Ann, Kim Carmichael, Allyson Lindt, Kizzie Waller, and Lyncee Shillard

Pre-order this LIMITED TIME set for $0.99

Office seduction meets workplace diversity, and nothing is as it seems
Thirteen bestselling and fan-favorite authors spin tales of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, small town, second chances, falling for the boss, and so much more. There’s something for everyone packed inside.
This collection of TWELVE suspenseful contemporary office romances is a must read.


One thought on “Office Seductions Boxed Set

  1. I am in love with coffee temptations. Nathan and Amelia are a great couple. I was so happy to see them together and have a happy ever after. It was such a great book. I love reading christa books

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